What to do until an Ambulance Arrives

Stay calm: By keeping calm, it is not only reassuring to the person who is sick or injured, but can help you in taking appropriate steps to initiate emergency care.

Call 9-1-1: If someone else is with you, send them to cal 9-1-1. When possible, please have the following information available at the time of the call:

  • The address or location of the injured person
  • A call back telephone number
  • A brief description of injuries or illness
  • how many people are injured

If the patient is not breathing and/or has no pulse, a 9-1-1 dispatcher may be able to walk you through CPR by relaying instructions over the phone until help can arrive.

If the patient is injured in a car crash and there is no immediate danger, such as smoke or fire from the vehicle, do not remove the patient from the vehicle. Excessive unnecessary movement can cause additional injuries to the patient.

Make sure you hang up the phone last to make sure the dispatcher has enough information to send the appropriate help.